Cheetah provides most of the food processing automatic machine staring from fresh raw material that delivered to your factory to eye-catching package ready to be delivered and served on your client’s dining table.

With our system constructed from food-grade technologies, reliable control programming and software, and our in-house experiences in food and beverage automation, we ensure your delicious products are well processed to your customers.

Food Processing Matchine

Transforming raw materials into safe, hygienic products, tailored to meet every product’s needs.

Sorting Machine
To separate raw materials based on size and weight criteria, especially various parts of animals, for both fresh and frozen raw products.
Pasteurization Machine
A Pasteurization Machine is used to preserve food by extending its shelf life through a specific heat treatment process. Suitable for processed foods.
Flattener Machine
Can be used with various types of meat or food items, including chicken, pork, beef, fish, potatoes, and ground meat, among others. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of businesses such as supermarkets, meat shops, meat processing plants, and the food manufacturing industry.
Weight Scale
Precision in every measure, ensuring quality from ingredient to product.
Vartical Lift Machine
Efficiently maximizing vertical space for streamlined material handling.
Pallet Stacking/De-stacking
Automatic Pallet Stacking and De-stacking machines are used in the food industry to save storage space by efficiently stacking and separating pallet layers.


The system designed for transporting and moving items from one location to another, capable of operating both horizontally and at varying elevations, has become essential and indispensable in industries of all sizes. Its simplicity and high efficiency make it a crucial component in modern industrial operations.

Conveyor Belt (PVC, PU)
PVC and PU conveyor belts are commonly used for transporting items in the food processing stages of meat, vegetables, fruits, and bakery products.
Roller Conveyor
For conveying items, containers, or products within the factory, helping to reduce labor and save time in production. This system facilitates the quick distribution of items.
Modular Belt
Easy to clean, and damaged sections of the conveyor belt can be replaced quickly and conveniently without the need to replace the entire belt.
Wiremesh Conveyor
Using a mesh surface made of either steel or stainless steel, they are suitable for transporting food into ovens, conveying frozen foods, and moving food through washing and cleaning processes.
Rubber Belt Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor is used in industries requiring heavy-duty operation, durability, and exceptional strength, such as sugar sacks and animal feed.
Screw Conveyor
A Screw Conveyor is a machine or device used for transporting materials or products using the rotational motion of a screw. It is commonly used in production lines for items such as rice, flour, animal feed, and more.
Top Chain Conveyor
Operates at high speeds, withstands wear and tear effectively, and can drive in multiple directions, both straight and curved, controlled by a single drive unit. It is commonly used for transporting bottles, glassware, boxes, and similar items.
Chain Conveyor
Chain conveyors are highly effective for transporting heavy loads due to their robust design and ability to withstand substantial weight. They are especially well-suited for handling items such as pallets in industrial settings.

Programming And Software

Programming and software are crucial components used to control machinery, ensuring seamless operation with conveyor systems throughout the industry. This reduces complexity in operations and facilitates easier maintenance and repair.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
Enhances convenience and modernizes operations significantly. Moreover, PLCs serve as a fundamental basis for control systems, facilitating advancements into other systems.
SCADA System
SCADA system enable monitoring and control of large-scale production processes across multiple work sites. They offer remote control capabilities with real-time alert systems and centralized data visualization.
Control Systems
Control Systems are systems used to control and manage the operation of equipment and machinery within electrical systems. Responsible for managing electrical signals, operating equipment on/off functions, and adjusting various parameters within the electrical system.

After Sales Service

We offer comprehensive After-sales services, including meticulous maintenance, regular inspections, and tailored consultations, all in alignment with the terms and duration specified in the contractual agreements.

We offer comprehensive After-sales services, including meticulous maintenance, regular inspections, and tailored consultations, all in alignment with the terms and duration specified in the contractual agreements.
Preventive Maintenance (PM)
We provide maintenance services for materials and equipment according to the specified intervals outlined in the user manual for each type.
Corrective Maintenance (CM)
Service of repairing or replacing materials and equipment that have deteriorated or been damaged due to usage. This ensures that industrial machinery can resume normal operations.
Spare Parts
We provide spare parts sourcing services according to customer specifications, whether they are brands from domestic sources or imported from abroad.


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